5 Fun Wedding Reception Games Ideas

The wedding planners are always looking for ways to bring in new ideas for the wedding reception. When designing a wedding reception, they not only focus on the decoration, but also emphasize the entertainment part. Having fun games for the guests can be very entertaining. Here are some ideas.


The block-stacking game Jenga is real fun. You can bring up life-size blocks and take the game outdoors. The guests can build and destroy the blocks. It’s going to be a very fun game.

Ring toss

The classic ring toss game can bring back the competitive spirit in your guests. As a twist, you can put the names of the guests on the bottles and the rings to see who gets paired with whom.

The show game

In this game, the newlyweds sit in front. The bride has one of her shoes and one of her husband’s and the husband has the same.

A member from the bride’s side will ask questions about the bride and the groom and the bride or groom will raise the shoe that is appropriate for the question asked. Though the guests don’t directly participate in this game, they will have great fun.

Online casino games

Almost everyone at the party will have their mobile. So, you can play online casino games to win real money. There are various options to choose from and everyone will enjoy them. You can even bring in real casino games as wedding games.

Wheel of fun

Arrange a giant wheel and paste various instructions around the wheel. The guests will turn the wheel one by one and act according to the instruction they get. Instructions can be ‘Show Your Dance Moves’ or ‘Sing A Song’.

The wedding planners can arrange all these games for you. You just need to tell them what sort of games you want. The guests will surely have a great time.