Reasons Why Wedding Planners are Expensive

Hiring a wedding planner will be the smartest thing you will do for your wedding. But you often hear that they are very expensive. Though it’s true, there are reasons for it.


The wedding planner needs to continuously communicate with you and the vendors. They need to meet you and the vendors in person or make frequent calls. This incurs travel costs. They have to stay engaged throughout the day to receive your messages and calls. They have to spend hours dealing with them. This is one of the reasons why they charge higher.

Venue tours

The wedding planners often help you choose the venue. But even if you choose the venue yourself, they need to visit the venue to plan their decoration and other things. They need to visit the venue multiple times. This is a very time-consuming process, and it incurs costs as well.

Vendor meetings

This is one of the major and toughest jobs of a wedding planner. They need to meet multiple vendors and select the ones that are suitable and fall within the budget. They will negotiate the contract with them and organize the necessary documents.

Wedding preparation

The wedding planner is responsible for the major details of the wedding. So, they need to do their homework. They need to put together all the elements of the wedding.


On the wedding day, they need to coordinate with others so that everything goes as planned. They need to make sure that the florists bring the flowers on time and the furniture is in place. They also have to work after the event, like giving back the rental items.

Business expenses

A wedding planner needs to use office resources to plan the event. A team is formed that works together to implement the plan.

You can now see the immense responsibility of a wedding planner. They are expensive because they have all these responsibilities.