How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

Few people today want to take up the responsibility of planning their wedding. They tend to rely on wedding planners. The wedding planning business is very profitable and demanding today. Here are some tips to start a wedding planning business.

Startup costs

It is expensive to start a wedding planning business. You need to use your savings and look for funds. For legal work, you must hire an attorney. You need money for the office, office supplies, and marketing. You also need to hire several people for assisting you in your work. You need to buy tools and equipment to turn your plan into reality.

Business goals

You must set up your business goals. You should meet with the local vendors who will support you in your work and find out about the cost you may incur to plan a wedding. You need to meet with the flower shop owner, van owner, photographer, and others. You will need all their help in planning the wedding. Estimate how much you want to make every month. You should also have a long-term goal.


You must have a strong portfolio to compete in the market. For this, try planning the wedding of friends and family members and take photos. You can also set up a mock wedding and make your portfolio look better. Ask your family members and friends to give a testimonial. Try to get professional memberships.

Create a website

You must create a professional website so that prospective clients can find you. The website mentions your company, its brand strength, and other features. Include photos and videos of weddings you have planned and include testimonials.

Marketing your business

You must place lots of emphasis on marketing your business. You should use the Facebook business page and other social media networks to promote your brand. You should print out leaflets and posters too. You can place advertisements in local wedding magazines for a better reach.

If you follow these steps, then you will be able to start your wedding planning business properly. Soon you will be making a profit and growing your business.